ToXic Chat

ToXic Chat was a project I started in highschool (December of 2003) with Dragoș Bucevschi. The idea was to create a cross-platform (Windows and Linux), peer-to-peer (no dependency on a specific server), reliable (TCP) chat system.

Initial implementation was done in Delphi (Windows) and Kylix (Linux) and in 2005 I rewrote it in C++/Qt but I discontinued the project.

Version history:

  • 10th of May 2004 - 0.0.1
  • 23rd of May 2004 - 0.1.0
  • 30th of August 2004 - 0.2.0
  • 1st of September 2004 - 0.2.1
  • 16th of July 2005 - 0.4
  • 25th of December 2006 - 0.5 alpha1 - this was the version in C++/Qt but I discontinued the project.

The source code, binaries, installers and screenshots can be found on Sourceforge:

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QPdf2Swf is a GUI (graphical user interface) written in Qt4 for pdf2swf, a pdf to swf converter. It was a demo that I wrote in a few hours for an interview at a company wanting to convert PDF presentation catalogs and render Flash pages from them. Flash websites were a thing in 2005 :)

I didn't get the job so I published the code online but didn't maintain it. You can view it on Sourceforge. It is cross platform and should run on both Windows and Linux (probably even Mac OS, but I didn't test)

Version history:

  • October 2005 - unreleased version, written in Qt 4.0
  • 31st of October 2006 - 0.1, the version I released, refactored in Qt 4.2
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