(K)Ubuntu 22.04 and Bluetooth Headphones

This article is somewhat an update of the one named Linux and Bluetooth Headphones. In that article I had tested on (K)Ubuntu 20.04, but this article is about version 22.04.

Just like in the above mentioned article, I recommend that you install and enable PipeWire. It is a lot easier to do in (K)Ubuntu 22.04. The TL;DR version would be:

First, check to see which audio server you're currently on. This command most probably will return 'pulseaudio':

$ pactl info | grep 'Server Name'
Server Name: pulseaudio

So... make sure you install PipeWire:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install pipewire
$ sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-pipewire libpipewire-0.3-{0,dev,modules} libspa-0.2-{bluetooth,dev,jack,modules} pipewire{,-{audio-client-libraries,pulse,bin,tests}}
$ sudo apt install wireplumber gir1.2-wp-0.4 libwireplumber-0.4-{0,dev}

Disable PulseAudio and enable PipeWire instead:

$ systemctl --user --now disable pulseaudio.{socket,service}
$ systemctl --user mask pulseaudio

$ sudo cp -vRa /usr/share/pipewire /etc/

$ systemctl --user --now enable pipewire{,-pulse}.{socket,service}

Now, you should see PipeWire in here:

$ pactl info | grep 'Server Name'
Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.48)

For even more details, read this excellent article.

I tested with EDIFIER NeoBuds Pro and not only that switching between A2DP and HSP/HFP works automagically but, more than that, LDAC codec also works (which previously only worked for SONY WH-1000XM3):

$ pactl list
(output omitted)
Card #5323
        Name: bluez_card.FC_E8_06_76_05_2C
        Driver: module-bluez5-device.c
        Owner Module: n/a
                api.bluez5.address = "FC:E8:06:76:05:2C"
                api.bluez5.class = "0x240404"
                api.bluez5.connection = "disconnected"
                api.bluez5.device = ""
                api.bluez5.icon = "audio-headset"
                api.bluez5.path = "/org/bluez/hci0/dev_FC_E8_06_76_05_2C"
                bluez5.auto-connect = "[ hfp_hf hsp_hs a2dp_sink ]"
                bluez5.profile = "off"
                device.alias = "EDIFIER NeoBuds Pro"
                device.api = "bluez5"
                device.bus = "bluetooth"
                device.description = "EDIFIER NeoBuds Pro"
                device.form_factor = "headset"
                device.name = "bluez_card.FC_E8_06_76_05_2C"
                device.string = "FC:E8:06:76:05:2C"
                media.class = "Audio/Device"
                factory.id = "14"
                client.id = "34"
                object.id = "132"
                object.serial = "5323"
                off: Off (sinks: 0, sources: 0, priority: 0, available: yes)
                a2dp-sink: High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink) (sinks: 1, sources: 0, priority: 16, available: yes)
                headset-head-unit: Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP) (sinks: 1, sources: 1, priority: 1, available: yes)
                a2dp-sink-sbc: High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink, codec SBC) (sinks: 1, sources: 0, priority: 18, available: yes)
                a2dp-sink-sbc_xq: High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink, codec SBC-XQ) (sinks: 1, sources: 0, priority: 17, available: yes)
                a2dp-sink-ldac: High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink, codec LDAC) (sinks: 1, sources: 0, priority: 19, available: yes)
                headset-head-unit-cvsd: Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP, codec CVSD) (sinks: 1, sources: 1, priority: 2, available: yes)
                headset-head-unit-msbc: Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP, codec mSBC) (sinks: 1, sources: 1, priority: 3, available: yes)
        Active Profile: a2dp-sink-ldac
                headset-input: Headset (type: Headset, priority: 0, latency offset: 0 usec, available)
                                port.type = "headset"
                        Part of profile(s): headset-head-unit, headset-head-unit-cvsd, headset-head-unit-msbc
                headset-output: Headset (type: Headset, priority: 0, latency offset: 0 usec, available)
                                port.type = "headset"
                        Part of profile(s): a2dp-sink, headset-head-unit, a2dp-sink-sbc, a2dp-sink-sbc_xq …
more ...