spies - Simplest Proxy I've Ever Seen

This is a simple HTTP 1.1 reverse proxy written in Python 3 that supports multiple downstream services with multiple instances. The downstream services are identified using the Host HTTP header.

The requests are load-balanced randomly or via a round-robin strategy.

The response from the downstream service is sent back to the reverse proxy.

You can run it as a

  • Python application
  • standalone Docker container
  • Docker container deployed on a Kubernetes cluster as a Helm chart
  • Docker container deployed on a Kubernetes cluster as an Operator

For more information, go to the GitHub page and read the friendly documentation.


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Echo server in Elixir used in a CI/CD Pipeline

This project was used during an internship workshop. The Elixir code (the echo server) was not written by me. I only added the unit tests.

You can go through the workshop and learn how to

  • create a local Jenkins server with Docker
  • spin a few virtual machines (with Hyper-V or VirtualBox) with Docker machine
  • create a Docker Swarm with those virtual machines
  • connect Jenkins to the Swarm
  • create a pipeline to build, test and deploy the echo server in the Swarm

The code and its documentation can be seen in

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